About Chique


 Chique are thrilled to be celebrating their 12-year anniversary this year.

In May 2009 the band performed their first ever gig in Wingham, near Canterbury, raising money for the local football club.

Since then, the band have gone on to become one of the most popular and sought after ABBA tribute bands in the country, regularly performing sell-out shows across the UK and abroad.

It has been a very exciting and interesting 12 years, that seem to have flown by, and the band hope to be rocking audiences for many

more years to come.

The band members

Ainsley - Frida

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Ainsley's career in music began in 2002, working as a solo singer in

local pubs and clubs.

Five years later, after joining  a band, she met guitarist, Perry, who suggested they start an ABBA tribute band, and the two of them worked

tirelessly to replicate ABBA's sound and look, designing and making costumes, and listening to ABBA songs over and over to get that perfect ABBA sound.


ABBA-obsessed Ainsley adds that personal touch by managing the band,  answering enquiries and taking bookings, and also produces the band videos.

"We believe in providing not only the best entertainment, but by dealing with

our clients directly, they get the best possible service."

Ainsley busied herself during lockdown writing and producing original music with fellow bandmate, Perry.


Their debut single is out now, check out the music video here:

Jade - Agnetha

Time off festival Lingfield (83).jpg

Jade joined the band in 2015, and has set an exemplary standard of commitment and enthusiasm to her performances with Chique.

Starting out as part-time cover for holidays and nights off,  Jade has now taken over as the full-time Agnetha in the band,  and is always excited (in her words) 

'To get her ABBA on!'

With her stunning soprano vocals, Jade captures the true essence of Agnetha.

Jade has been extremely successful in her own right as a singer/songwriter in original's duo 'Jatinda,' teaming up with her partner, Paul, and also as a fantastic tribute to Kylie Minogue in 'Kylie on Show.'

Alongside her hectic schedule in the music business, Jade is also a qualified yoga teacher and is currently completing a course in psychology.



Perry - Bjorn

<img source="pic.gif" alt="Perry ABBA Chique."</img>.

After many years of playing the guitar for various bands,

Perry is a true rock God!  
"He is a fantastic guitarist and a real credit to the show,"

says band leader, Ainsley.

Over the years, Perry has worked in various other bands,

including two ABBA tribute bands.
He run his own glam rock bands, country & western band and punk band 

and plays the 'Bjorn' part perfectly.
He's also a dab hand with a sewing machine and painstakingly

made all the band's stage costumes himself! 

Perry enjoys writing and recording his own music;  he and Ainsley have been working on an originals' album throughout lockdown,

with a new single out now.


Chris - Benny


A number of years ago, Chris grew his beard to play 3 Abba tribute gigs. He hasn’t stopped being Benny since, and in 2019 he began playing for Chique.


Chris has performed on stage since he was a child, and has played for numerous disco and general function bands, as well as the odd jazz or classical gig along the way.


Chris is busy as a private and school piano teacher, and as a franchise owner of The Rock Project, Hadleigh;  a contemporary music school in Essex.

He is also a Moderator/Examiner for the International Baccalaureate.


Above all, Chris is most happy on stage playing keys for enthusiastic audiences.


In the studio, Chris has been involved in a number of dance music projects.  Here you can hear a techno/classical music video he made.


Jim - Ola

Jim Ferris studied drumming at the Coventry School of Music and had already performed at the Royal Albert Hall London, by the age of 16.

During a varied career, Jim has spent 15 years backing TV artistes in cabaret, 20 years and four albums with a Jazz Big Band and alongside all of that, 27 years as a professional drum kit tutor!

Despite all of this variety of work, Jim cites his gigs with Chique

"As some of the happiest times of my career."


Having happily lived on the East Devon coast for 36 years, Jim moved to 'pastures new' in rural Norfolk during 2016.


John - Rutger


John started playing bass in the early 90s in a rock covers band, and wedding/function band at various Midlands venues.

During the 2000s, he joined an original pop/punk band for a handful of years. This morphed into acoustic jazzy pop for a couple of songwriters, which took him to Germany and France for the annual twinning festivals.

John put the excitement of live playing on hold for a number of years to work as  a full-time paramedic in Hertfordshire, in Kent and even all the way

over to Australia.

He is now very happy to be home in the UK, and back in the game.

John has a real appreciation for the songwriting, musicianship, and timelessness of the ABBA songs, with Rutger Gunnarsson's style of bass playing a definite influence.


Our other talented team members


Georgie joined the band in 2016, and has been a fantastic asset to the line-up. A trained dancer and a TV extra, Georgie has appeared on many programmes, including Holby and Eastenders.

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Leanna - Agnetha
Leanna - Agnetha

Having been our full time Agnetha for the last 12 years, Leanna is enjoying taking some weekends off since becoming a Mum for the second time. Leanna joined Chique back in 2009 when the band first formed, and all of her hard work and dedication supplemented the success that Chique enjoys today.

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Sarah (Agnetha)
Sarah (Agnetha)

Sarah, a school dance teacher and lead singer in acoustic duo 'Indigo' has been with Chique since 2011. In between her hectic schedule, she performs with the band, covering nights off and holidays.

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Georgie joined the band in 2016, and has been a fantastic asset to the line-up. A trained dancer and a TV extra, Georgie has appeared on many programmes, including Holby and Eastenders.

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